Meanwhile, in rural Alberta ...

And you apparently think that America isn't a corporate oligarchy that doesn't follow any corporate laws.

No company makes a significantly better vehicle because if they did, another company would try to out-do them. Instead they keep everything similar, and advancing as slowly as they can. No brand performs significantly better than another, or is built better or worse than others.

No different than internet providers either, Shaw and Telus could both put in infrastructure to easily provide every home with 1gbps internet. But why would they do that when they can charge $120 a month for 50mbps? If they gave everyone 1gps, they couldn't charge $500 a month for internet, they'd still have to charge around $120, because no one will pay $500 a month. If Shaw increased their speed or reduced their prices, then everyone would choose Shaw because it's obviously better and cheaper. But that would force Telus to do the same thing. Instead, they keep their services, and pricing similar, purposefully.

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