Mechanics - I don't know what role to play.

  • I'm not sure what any of this changes - a season 6 Diamond was likely D5 0 LP with low mmr if you're consistently playing with them from Gold. Platinum still falls under 99.9% - it falls under approximately the top 10%. Smurfs are NOT a consistent problem in lower mmr, and when you do see them they're RARELY high elo smurfs (their main might be 1-3 divisions higher).

  • It's fine to think you know what your advantage is, it's a weird concept to me to think that I KNOW it unless I have upwards of a 70% winrate in that mmr. For example, people who play overly aggressive climb faster than passive players - they might hit extremely high winrates and suddenly become hardstuck in a really specific mmr range. This doesn't mean their macro is particularly great even if they played a variety, it just means they play a particular style that people buckle under. The second anyone assumes they know why they are where they are, it will prevent them from climbing further - but not immediately, their style could get them VERY far up the ladder before it's obvious why it works.

  • If you've been Platinum for 3 seasons straight in multiple accounts and weak champions, to me the obvious followup is why haven't you hit Diamond? Platinum or low Diamond mmr range generally has fairly weak macro, and even if for some reason they had incredible macro it wouldn't matter if they didn't have the execution in other regards - they reach a cap. We can go back and forth and say it's the random/weak/high micro champions, but I won't accept that unless you have an account that shows it.

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