Media demand Israel explain destruction of news offices

In hindsight, we know that Trump's peace plan didn't provide a forever solution to all Jewish/Muslim conflicts.

We knew it at the time. It's covered in the other article about the Middle East. The "peace deal" was a bunch of self-flagellatory bullshit then, and it's (clearly) a bunch of self-flagellatory bullshit now.

I only included that link to illustrate the total lack of rhyme or reason to Trump's so-called "fine work in the Middle East", but I can see how that doesn't come across without context. (Or, you know, without more context than what I editorialized with the link title.) Point taken.

To avoid that same lack of context for the rest of the links: the summation of the "most dangerous organization" argument:

  1. The GOP not only ignores the reality of climate change, but actively pursues the destruction of the environment.
  2. The GOP seeks to illegally undermine democracy in order to maintain a racist, classist, hegemonic oligarchy that serves them only - at the cost of any amount of human life, and at the cost of our planet.

These are the ideas evidenced by the links*.

*Some of the links also exist to discredit the character and competence of Donald Trump, and to demonstrate his general disregard for humanity.

Since, you know. The whack-a-mole.

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