Media Driver Ratings - Canadian GP

I think it might just come down to the quality of his competition. He was never in threat all day because there was only 1 car that could hold pace, and thats really only if its getting DRS every lap to stay in contact.

The Redbull car this year is like a Merc of yesteryear. And Max, skill wise, is just as good as Hamilton was in those years of Merc dominance. So Max is racing against himself out there, truly.

I know everyone made a big deal early on this year about how "the racing is so much better than before" and while it was true to start, I feel like that is no longer the case. While qualifying times might still be close, race pace is clearly in RB favor, heavily so.

Right now its clearly Redbull fastest. Ferrari is clearly 2nd fastest. and Merc is clearly 3rd fastest. And while individual venues and conditions might lengthen or close the gaps between each, the difference still remains.

I would argue that this year is going to end up as worse racing at the top than last year, and perhaps even 2020.

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