This Is Why The Media Wants to Keep You Outraged

Bro, you are the media and this video/show is intended to outrage people... People love to be outraged and love to tune in to watch outraging, shocking and divisive types of news. A report about something being business as usual isn't going to get as many views as something like this video. It's not a surprise then why news channels and "the media" write pieces intended to outrage, as you and the writers of your show obviously understand, as you're literally doing that on this show/video. Sneakily framing this as some sort of global media conspiracy is ridiculous as well. It's just a natural consequence of consumer preferences and what people want to watch. The "media" (not just traditional news outlets, media is way more than just that) chase what people want to watch and people LOVE to watch things that make them outraged. I'm not saying it's a good thing but that's just kind of how it works right now.

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