Medical card public health info?

And the similar clerks at Walgreens or CVS know the same info about everyone on pharmaceutical anti-depressants and such.

Terrible analogy and you know it. Don't bullshit yourself into thinking that going to the pharmacy to get your blood pressure medicine is the same as going to the dispensary for a bag of weed.

Omg "drugs"? C'mon man, you're being paranoid and ignorant.

YOU are the one being ignorant. I love weed as much or more than you, but I'm not stupid enough to pretend that me failing a drug test would negatively affect my life, to the point where I'd simply rather not have a bunch of untrustworthy strangers able to access that information. If you really think about it, it's nobody's fucking business.

You could already smoke weed with zero fear of being arrested before the medical program was formalized. You chose to register knowing the implications.

I love how you call me ignorant and you spout this dog shit. I don't have time to do several drug deals a week. I was driving to DC to get an ounce for my head stash every couple weeks. That means I'm a criminal in the state of MD. I'm not going to jail over some bullshit.

So yeah, registering for my card was the lesser of two evils, but that doesn't mean I'm going to smile while we all take it up the ass. The medical program is a scam and you know it. People should be free to buy weed without heavy Government intervention just like they can buy alcohol, or porn, or whatever the fuck else consenting adults are responsible enough to purchase without their life winding up in some database forever.

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