Medical professionals, what is the stupidest misconception a patient has had about the human body?

Look, the only point I hope to make is some T1's still produce endogenous insulin, yes? Sometimes the progression is slow (look up LADA diagnoses and progression). It is not unheard of misdiagnosed adults finding out, through proper testing, they were T1 all along, especially if they were on any type of insulin therapy; hence they were not diagnosed through the usual "ending up in hospital with DKA" route.

Thank you for sharing your experience, and I share mine. Many T1 voices aren't heard--this is also a common theme in the type 1 subs (there's a few), I invite you to, to discuss what we're writing about here. I'm trying to tell you adult do get misdiagnosed, do have issues with medical systems all over the world.

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