Medical residencies should go to Canadians first | The Star

I meant medical school application, not Carms. An applicant from a wealthy family has the luxury of filling their CV with thousands of hours of volunteer because their parents have paid for everything they have, so they’ve never needed to work a day in their life. They can afford prep companies to ace the MCAT, they’ve been able to study without interruption or the distraction of a job, and they can pursue as much research as they please because they will have food on their plate when they get home.

I’m not some bitter person who has it against med students because I was never accepted, because I was a medical student. What I noticed first day of class was how wealthy the vast majority were. I was in Vancouver, and just about every student was gunning for a specialty. It doesn’t take much research to confirm medical students are predominantly affluent, and the vast majority of practicing physicians come from rich families. I mean the track record speaks for itself, continue to self select for affluent applicants and continue to watch the family physician deficit grow.

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