Medicare for All Is Even Better Than You Thought: Previous estimates suggested that Medicare for All would save $2 trillion. But it's even better: a new study finds that the bill would save $5.1 trillion — while providing universal, comprehensive coverage.

Or if what you pay in new tax is more than what you pay in to employer paid insurance.

The new tax (assuming the government insurance is equal to the private coverage in benefits) would have to cost less than $600 a year. If I get the money my work would be spending on insurance in the form of a raise then the tax would have to be less than$4800/yr for me to see a benefit

I know my work pays about $400 a month and I add about 50. I have to pay a tax every year because it's considered "Cadillac" insurance and counts as income.

I think what we will see well be similar to Canada, where people who can afford it will still hold private insurance and private doctors because it's just better.

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