Meditation: Eckhart Tolle well explained

enlightement is being sold for something that is spiritual voodoo and people talk alot of shit about what it is supposed to be. most are not enightened, or describe different phenomena, most are bullshitting around. Enlightement is not necessarily fun or comforting, nor is it necessarily going to improve your life. Real enlightenment is to live in pure consciousness, so in a state of a dissolved ego. Ego is all you have learned and have been told. Your story basically, your name, history experiences. This is the vehicle for your mind and sanity. Think of your mind as water and the ego as the glas. Therein lies the problem, you suddenly have total freedom, but there is no more protection between you an the world. You have dissolved yourself now it's your task to create a new ego (to your liking). To be in this world your mind needs a vehicle. There is absolutely no point in detaching yourself from the world. This is how you know you are enlightened: Everything seems like a joke, and everyone appears crazy to you. Everything becomes more or less like an arbitrary theater performence, you realize everyone is "crazy", what we call normal is just the common decided upon craziness. It also feels like you are literally waking up from a dream while being still in this reality. To experience this one can take certain hallucinogenic drugs. They do the same thing as the most intense meditation ever, I believe meditation doesn't even compare. I also wouldn't recommend doing so. Because there is no gurantee that you find your way back into our world, that you're able to create a new glass. Here is a clip I found where some weird looking dude describes his enlightenment. Even though he's weird, he actually has experineced what true enlightement is. He looks like a self important charlatan, but he is actually telling the truth of what it is. Most other people are talking about sth. they believe what enlightenment truly is. Often they describe it as some form of mental well being or sth. It is not. It usually can be very lonely and also terrifying for a long time. I know exactly 2 people where I can say they are enlightened. One is this guy in the clip.

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