I want to meet this heroic mystery woman

First of all, thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

Yes, as an Asian woman I am not the standard definition of western attractiveness, and am typically invisible. But because of that, I can't afford to treat people like assholes, I'm sorry that's what came off in my comment.

Actually my original comment was about how straight women treat other straight women who they are obviously not trying to attract sexually, but socially. I went to a women in business networking event and was thoroughly ignored by all the white women there, and us bipoc women all congregated into 1 group. The one larger white woman was also relegated to our group. I felt very disappointed not to fit in.

I have generally not had the privilege to be part of a friend group that involves westernized women, despite many opportunities. Even here where I can be anyone I still can't fit in, so I guess I have my answer it's not the way I look.

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