Meet Olivia Cohen, a woman who did 120 days of fasting (before and after, as well as her progress videos)

ive watched through alot of them twice when i thought about fasting. My personal conclusions are that she took it too far she may or may not have been purging. there are many time she has water running in the bathroom while doing her videos which may be so her kids dont hear her vomit. mixed reasons during her fast between religion and eating disordered type thinking(water is nasty/makes me feel heavy etc). shes pregnant with 10th baby and has talked about a few of the being conceived after long fasts which is kind of odd. that said phenomenal amount of will power and its cool to see how far the human body can go. One good conversation starter i found by watching hers and a few other peoples fast are if long term fasting possible for someone in a good state of mind. many people who fast for absurd amounts of days are either devoutly religious or have an eating disorder which makes me believe that the willpower aspect is not the same depending on mental capacities. ive noticed most people can on the high end hit 20-25 days just for the sake of it. but a good majority get around 7 and many who go 40 days or multiple 30 day fast tend not be everyday type people. could be confirmation bias though

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