Meeting with my mother-in-law...better find something appropriate to wear...something that shows I have class...

How does she not look “normal”? It’s not her “fans mobbing you.” It’s the fact that you’re literally saying that her showing cleavage and wearing a NORMAL nicely applied amount of makeup makes her inappropriate. Pedro’s mother was also wearing a skin tight dress, is she a stripper? Elizabeth wears bright pink lipstick and wears tight clothing, is she a stripper? You sound like you just want to hate on your fellow woman.

How should a nurse look? If she’s EDUCATED to be a nurse, it shouldn’t matter what she wears. Are you going to decline someone saving your life because they are wearing falsies? What she wears outside of her job shouldn’t be an issue. Assuming she wears scrubs to work, you know, because that’s her uniform.

So yeah, It’s a good thing that you aren’t medical personnel. I’m not a Chantel Stan, your comment just seems nasty and perhaps you are the distasteful one.

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