Mega brain time

There are more than 169 hands in poker. I don't want to be rude here, but you're massively oversimplifying things with your math and then trying to claim that you're making your decisions mathematically.

You can't just do 13×13 to calculate the total number of hands, unless you're playing some variant of hold em where suits don't matter. Also, I genuinely have no idea how you arrived at the conclusion that JJ-AA + AK is only 14 hands, even if you aren't accounting for suits.

So first, there are 1326 combos of starting hands in Hold Em (52×51÷2). Next, the range you stated is 40 hands:

AA: 6 combos KK: 6 combos QQ: 6 combos JJ: 6 combos AK: 16 Combos

That's 40 combos total. 40/1326 is a tad over 3%. Your incorrect simplification of the combinatorics had led to a wildly incorrect calculation of the %RFI of that range. I'm sorry, but you can't claim to be playing upon a mathematical foundation when that math is simply incorrect.

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