[MegaDead] Red Dead Redemption - Issues, Hype, Etc

Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Idea!

TLDR: let's add each other and play in private matches: my GT is LVDFL

So my thoughts were: because that the public lobbies were broken, why don't we all add each other and play in private matches? I mean, R* MIGHT do something about the lobbies (they've done so in the past), but this way, we know who is playing with us everytime. And who knows how long it'll be until the can patch it up, furthermore for it to be modded again? To add to this, if modder was to put their name on this list and get caught, we would have the ability to block him/her from joining the game.

So my only concern is: Is this even a good idea? So with that being said, I'm asking for upvotes for visibility, BUT ONLY IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THIS WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA! I don't want to seem like it is me just trying to be an upvote whore.

The way I see it, in order for this to work, we need to post our gamertags on this thread and check back periodically to see how the comments have populated. This would help ensure that we have a good pool of people to play with.

My gamertag: lvdfl "LVDFL, but all lowercase" (people think they are I's for some reason).

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