[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Friend Code Sharing MegaThread

I have multiple fossils:

Ammonit x1 / Anomalocaris x3 / Archelon back x1 / Archelon front x2 / Australopithecus x1 / Brachio Thorax x1 / Deino Torso x1 / Dimetro front x1 / Dimetro back x2 / Dino foot x1 / Diplo pelvis x2 / Diplo neck x3 / Diplo head x2 / Diplo tail x1 / Eusthenopteron x1 / shark tooth spiral x1 / Iguano tail x1 / Iguano Torso 4x / mammoth torso x1 / Ophta head 1x / Ophta Torso 2x / Pachy front x1 / Para torso x1 / Plesio torso x1 / Pteran wing left x2 / Pteran Wing right x3 / Quetza wing right x1 / Giant buck (deer) half left 4x / sabre tooth back x1 / Spino head 1x / Stego torso 1x / T-Rex head 1x / Triceratops head 3x / Trilobit 1x

Treid to arrange them more or less alphabetically.

PM for Dodo :) no payment needed. You can water if you want but not mandatory!

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