[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Friend Code Sharing MegaThread

Leif is on my island selling pink and blue hydrangeas, and orange and yellow tea-olive bushes. He’s also selling hyacinth and windflowers! My upgraded nooks cranny is selling a pot rack, golf clubs, and a bidet in the back, and unlimited green and black surfboard, teacup, and coffee mug. My able sisters is selling lace skirts, Victorian gowns, plaid print dresses, curly mustaches, among other things. Bruce is crafting a scarecrow. There’s a T1L1 to the left of the airport, and my island is 5 star if that matters. DM me to come and visit! (Please don’t comment or PM) No entry or tip necessary!! But, if you are so inclined...here’s my wishlist https://villagerdb.com/user/lilycrispair/list/projects-want Also, if you can, please write me some island advice/feedback after you leave in my DM!

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