[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Friend Code Sharing MegaThread

Available fossils: acanthostega, amber, ankylo skull, ankylo tail x2, ankylo torso, anomalocaris x2, archelon tail x2, brachio chest x3, deinony tail x2, deinony torso x2, dimetrodon skull x5, dunkleosteus, iguanodon skull, mammoth torso x3, megacero tail, megacero torso, pachy tail, parasaur torso, plesio tail, right quetzal wing x2, shark tooth pattern x2, spino torso, stego skull, stego tail, stego torso,t rex skull, t rex torso, tricera torso, trilobite

Available DIYs: log garden lounge, gold armor shoes, orange umbrella, tiki torch, simple diy workbench, wooden block table, classic pitcher, leaf umbrella, bamboo bench, classic library wall, wooden block bed


Fossils: t rex tail, australopith, brachio pelvis, diplo pelvis, diplo tail tip, ophthalmo skull, parasaur skull, parasaur tail, plesio skull, quetzal torso

DIY: Mini diy workbench

To catalog: white piano bench, red and yellow tricycle, gnomes, simple panels, fruit boxes, menu chalkboard (not natural), anything cool haha

Let me know what you want (you may take as many as you want) and what you have! :)

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