Megathread: US Politics/Election 2020. All US politics questions should go in here. (1)

Hey everyone! My mom was born in the US and lived there for 7 years before moving here to Argentina. We're about to move to the US or Canada in a few months. She has never voted abroad and nothing's ever happened. Voting is obligatory here in Argentina and if you don't vote you get a fine.

A year or two ago we made our passports to travel to some other country (either Canada or the US), but just now for the first time she's getting bombarded in her email and Facebook that the elections are coming up. The links say that 45 days ahead you're supposed to register and wait for the ballot to come in the mail, sign and choose, and send it again for the elections more than a month beforehand. Now it's too late to even do it as she was noticed too late.

Nothing can happen if she doesn't vote, right? It won't look bad when we travel if we wanted to go to the US, and nothing changed that could fine her if she didn't vote, right? Otherwise we'll have to look up a way and call up the embassy or something to find a way to vote online.

Thank you very much everyone ahead of time and my apologies

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