Megathread: Second Whistleblower Comes Forward in the Trump-Ukraine Controversy

As a fucking reminder...

What happened in our 2016 election - Russia was caught manipulating the vote in key states in America to help Trump. They used internet ads [fb, Twitter, Google] and also hacked our voting systems. All fact. Dumb American's also fact.

Our newly elected president denied it even though our cia, fbi etc confirmed it. He did this while in a press conference with Putin in Helsinki and many, many other times. A few hrs after Trumps video aired of him saying he grabbed pussies, emails leaked for his opponent Hillary prior to the election.

It's been a shit show of epic proportions since. Some of us hope he gets removed. There is a portion of America that will die for this man.

In simple terms our democracy was usurped by foreign agents seeking none other than to destroy it. Payback for the USSR whatever.

We are currently unable to impeach / remove this president from office due to our Congress which is currently half controlled by Democrats [our house of representatives] and the Republican controlled Senate. The entire impeachment process will go nowhere as it stands unless something else happens and the Republicans turn on him. We need a measly 26 Republican Senators to join the Democrats in the Senate to impeach Trump. 26 people for ALL of America.

Our great democracy is at an impass. We have this horrible president we can prove the Russians helped get there and we cannot remove him no matter how many crimes he commits without the help of the Republicans. He has been in office since January 20, 2017 elected November 9 2016.

This impeachment process is our hope the Republicans in the Senate do something. They are led by a man nicknamed Moscow Mitch [Mitch McConnell] A senator who has been in office for 20+ yrs and is known for helping Russia.

As it turns out so far...American democracy is far from acceptable and far from fair. We need to fix a ton of shit. We're greatly flawed.

We're currently in a WTF state daily. You only need to read our official Twitter for Trump.

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