Megathread: Sia, "Music" the movie, Maddie

I don’t understand what you mean when you say “the situations are not similar in the least”. They’re very similar. Atypical absolutely featured an incredibly stereotypical and insulting portrayal of autism. I would even say its portrayal of autism is much more on-the-nose and stereotypical than Music. It’s also untrue to act like the show changed their approach and became more inclusive in their second season. They didn’t really change their approach at all. If they actually cared about addressing the concerns of the autistic community, they would have hired an autistic actor. Period. The changes they made were not significant. They ignored the primary criticisms and made minor changes and statements. Atypical saying they don’t associate with Autism Speaks doesn’t mean much to me. Anybody can Google Autism Speaks and see how horrible they are. Of course Atypical, after coming under fire for their horrible portrayal of autism, is going to do the bare minimum and say they don’t endorse or use Autism Speaks (instead of actually addressing the problems in their show). It’s not like they actually did anything.

The primary problems with Music are absolutely the same primary problems of Atypical. They’re both very insulting and stereotypical portrayals. I don’t know why you feel the need to act like they’re so different when they’re not? At all? The commenter you replied to asked a legitimate question.

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