Megathread: Two Giuliani Associates Tied to Ukraine Scandal Arrested on Campaign Finance Charges

My literal best friend on the whole world supports Trump and I really think "but dems are worse" is right, but only scratches the surface.

"Yeah, anyone can agree the tax system needs to be looked at"

(In response to that gif that's been making the rounds)

"Yeah, anyone can agree our healthcare system needs to be looked at"

(In response to the endless stream of outrageous hospital bills frequently posted)

So my response, naturally, is "well, why don't you look at Warren or Sanders, because they're at least having these discussions."

His response - "it's too corrupt right now to fix anything on taxes or healthcare. We can't trust our current government to handle it without enriching the swamp first. Trump 2020."

So TLDR, Trump supporters suffer from an extremely effective form of propaganda and group think whereby

  1. It's understood that American systems and institutions are broken. This is interpreted as evidence of crooked Obama and Hillary.

  2. We can't fix these problems and make meaningful positive change for hundreds of thousands of Americans because too many Deep State Obama agents would quickly enrich themselves with that money and power, perhaps becoming so politically powerful that even Trump can't stop it

  3. The only answer is to give Trump another term.

  4. Trump is all powerful, and the singular honest individual in Washington. Nevermind his endless excuses for failing to deliver anything substantial. Nevermind his inability to speak truthfully. Nevermind that everyone we know who struggles with money's tax burden went up under Trump.

See, everything despicable about somehow seen as being aimed at and hitting ONLY liberals. This is the error in thinking. Whether what Trump does is good for America or not isn't even part of the discussion anymore. The discussion is "Well yeah, he shouldn't have done that probably...but *look how hard it trolled the dems!!!1"

It's a nasty tangled mess of logic.

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