Melbourne council criticised over hijab experiment: "this encourages separateness”


Let me share with you someone that you will be interested in. There is this foreigner who was one of those who started the Halal culture in Australia and I believe is a staunch supporter of ISIS. I have been gathering information about this person and it is getting more obvious he has ulterior motives in getting more than just Halal into Australia. Ultimately, it would be critical to remove such character from our country.

Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff is a Singaporean residing in Australia and studying in La-Trobe University. (This is his facebook account,

In 2006, he pushed for Islamic Education and Islamic Finance Industries in Australia. (

In 2007, he started a Halal movement. On pretext that he is helping to boost export from Australia, his main objective was to make Halal a norm in Australia so as to attractive more Muslims into the country. (

He had apparently escaped from Singapore in 2002 when he was investigated for extreme Islamic views and trying to create discord within the country. (

He expressed his support for ISIS openly ( He and his family even took picture with the ISIS flag while in Australia to show their support for the terror group (

He is also mentioned in the Islamic banking scandal here (

He is an influencer which anyone who come into contact with him will be swayed to be extremeIslamic views. He had displayed that ability in 2002 in Singapore and has been doing it behind the scene in Australia since his escape from the country. Isn't it too coincidental that our country got more Islam after he came here? (

His whole family is in Australia and he will continue to push for Islamisation throughout Australia if we do not expose and stop him. These are probably his family members. - - - - -

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