Melbourne Lockdown Timeline

I second this sentiment, though at this point I'm just mad all the time right now lol. Living in Melbourne I am seething at the recent suggestion that Regional Victoria potentially might be able to start travelling between states whilst we are still yet to be allowed out of our 5kms. I have been locked in my house completely isolated for however long now and have done nothing but follow the rules and guidelines yet I am just about ready to say fuck this and drive my car square through any roadblocks at 180km/h. I'm not even going to have a job anymore on the other side of this now, and fat chance I could get one with the government offering incentives to put the people on the doll on their books first. Each day this goes on I get more and more angry. I used to be fully pro-lockdown but as it stands I don't give a fuck who dies anymore because my future looks bleak as winter anyway.

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