Melissa Schuman, former member of pop group 'Dream' releases story of how Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys raped her back in the early 2000's.

It's such a difficult thing to distinguish between bull shit and real with this type of thing. I hate with a passion of a thousand sun's people who make up rape claims, because it's those that taint the real stories and add that layer of doubt. I kissed a guy at a pub when I was a 17yr, he was good looking and charismatic and everyone fancied him and was jealous. My friend and I in our drunken stupidity walked with him and his friend back to his house when the pub closed for more drinks. I was 17 and a virgin I'd been with men while drunk and had never felt it was leading to sex so I saw nothing wrong with my actions at the time, nothing suggested to me that I'd be put in that situation. At the house we were all just chatting I wasn't even sat near him, then I went to the loo before we were leaving. I was done and unlocked the door but before I could exit he walked in and shut the door, I automatically stepped back a bit shocked and didn't think to try and get to the door as my brain didn't recognise something bad was going to happen. He locked the door and stepped towards me, I was up against the sink at this point it was a small bathroom. He didn't say anything and he had a blank expression on his face. The rest is very hazy I know I somehow ended up on the floor with him on top of me, I remember being terrified, I remember murmuring no and it doing no good. I remember it hurt and I was crying. I remember being so frightened I couldn't fight him, I didn't shout for help despite my friend being downstairs, I was frozen believing I could do nothing to stop him (he was much bigger and stronger) that it was probably my fault that I must have done something wrong and led him on. I just prayed he'd finish soon. He did and got up and walked out. I sat there for a bit and it felt like my world had shattered. I went downstairs and my friend was grinning at me, we left and the whole walk home I felt sick and she was gushing about how lucky I was, how fit he is and she was jealous. He'd obviously told her he was going up to have sex with me or how did she know? Word got round my friends and everyone was congratulating me on losing my virginity and especially to this particular guy as he was just sooooo good looking and popular. I had to see him everyday at college with his girlfriend. I never told a single person he raped me, it affects my relationship with sex to this day 20 years later. I never dared report it, he was popular, everyone thought I must have enjoyed it how could I have not, I believed I must have asked for it somehow, reporting it or telling anyone was not an option. IF it was to come out now that someone else reported him (as is happening in Hollywood now) then I absolutely would speak out about my experience to help lend credence to their report, and to let the world see what a monster he is. Would I be believed by everyone, probably not. There are so many bits of my story for people to say well why did you not do this, why did you do that etc etc. The fact is I didn't see the rape coming, but it did and I behaved the way I did through sheer autopilot. With hindsight there is lots I'd have done different but that doesn't mean the rape didn't happen, that he isn't a piece of shit and that it hasn't affected me since. Sorry for the wall of text.

TLDR people who fake rape stories deserve to rot in hell, and not all bullshit sounding stories are false.

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