Melon goes after Pim Tool

It's easy to get triggered by it, took me a long time to reflect and try to genuinely see things with an open mind to find better perspective at the whole picture. Being born poor and white to two jobless disabled parents in an all black neighborhood, targeted throughout childhood due to the color of my skin being different to those around me. Accepted it since I knew my history and told myself this still isn't as bad as blacks had it before I was born or isn't as bad as some people still living today other situations or different areas of the world. After not being able to afford college and couldn't get a job but being told I had white privileged since birth on the internet by mostly other white people who live comfortably far away from me made me resentful at first since I was stuck still feeling sorry for myself. But I started to understand that the very area I am from is in the state it's in from systemic racism and the fact that there weren't really any other white kids around in itself said something that I didn't really think about for a long time. So I'm just saying it can be hard at first depending on how difficult it is for the individual to see outside their personal experience. I'm still learning, for a long time life was just about trying to get by and make ends meet and didn't have the time needed to dig a level or two deeper into these bigger issues and was easier to just reject it and go about my day. So I do think people putting in the effort to try to explain these concepts are slowly helping one way or another.

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