Members of CUPE3902, what are the contents of the tentative agreement? Are you allowed to post details?

Financial changes: 1. +4.5% over 3 years to $43.97 an hour in May 2017. 2. Reduction of TA hours in $15000 minimum funding guarantee from 205 to 180 hours (effectively ~$700 more non-TA-related funding for those of us at the minimum guarantee, no limits on other work that could be forced on graduate students for that money, no benefit to students being funded at $15700+) 3. +$400K for HCSA (not indexed to inflation or usage), to be converted to regular health insurance plan if possible. 4. +$50K for Financial Assistance Fund (additional $250K committed to in perpetuity). 5. -$150K from Interim Bridging Fund (not committed). 6. +$700K Tuition Assistance Fund (administered by UofT) 7. +$400K Graduate Student Bursary Fund (administered by union) (Net increase in funds is $1.4M, roughly $233 per person.) Non-financial changes: 8. "Gender identity" replaced "gender orientation" in discrimination clause. 9. Sexual harassment defined as "unwelcome", in addition to (old language) creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. 10. Need for experience, previous experience, ability added to hiring criteria. 11. Progressive discipline now includes and oral warning AND a written warning, before suspension. 12. Job postings must now go up on departmental websites/mailing lists, for only 15 working days instead of 20. 13. All members may now file hiring grievances. Arbitrator cannot award a grievor more work/compensation than 2 regular appointments in an academic year. (A regular appointment is 280 hours.) 14. 60 day limit on university's response to a harassment complaint before a grievance can be filed. Employees will be notified of their right to have union representation. 15. Right to defer 1 subsequent appointment. Subsequent appointments are now max of (1st appointment, 2nd appointment) up to a regular appointment (280 hours). 15.5. An extra half-appointment for your sixth subsequent appointment (which is now a full match of your first appointment.) 16. PEER ASSISTANT category MUST be defined (by both parties) and established with 60 calendar days. (I told you guys this was a trojan horse from last time.) 17. Union representatives now get 25 minutes to speak at TA training. Additional training now available to TAs working 35 hours, not 70. 18. Evaluation of any employee triggers evaluation of all employees in that course. Evaluation cannot occur more than 2x per academic session. CIs get advanced notice of classroom visits for formal evaluation. 19. Parental leave is now 1 month paid or, for those eligible for EI, 95% pay for 2 weeks + minimum of (8 weeks, end of appointment). Paternity leave renamed "Non-birth parent leave" and has a 6 week window instead of 4. (Confusion with "parental leave", which also applies to non-birth parents.) 21. Serious illness leave is 2 months paid, with physician certificate. 22. Limitations on work before/after thesis defenses or comprehensives now apply for 3 working days instead of calendar days.

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