[Meme] Also applies to UWorld psych questions

I went to pharmacy school and have many, many close friends who are MDs. I've also lectured at a med school and taught a recitation for a semester, so I quite literally gave advice/taught med students in my past but also a few interns of mine are med students who I do give some advice. generally, I guide people to follow what they are passionate about and what they find rewarding. so if OP really is depressed due to med school, its not the difficulty of it, its something else - that he doesn't find it rewarding and is wasting his time, that he can't do it, that he has a physical cause of depression and the stress of school is worsening it, that he wants something else in life and has no balance. or maybe its just a shitty joke

of course there will be times, in any path, where you are not happy necessarily. but to fit a diagnosis for severe depression/requiring emergency care may be (again, never said anything definitive) indicative of something underlying. but I guess its funny around here to joke about depression and make light of it because its not a disease like cancer. If you ever actually experienced true depression, you wouldn't make it through med school or even to class most of the time, so the right choice if you wanted to continue to be a MD would be to take care of that and maybe return to med school

I wasn't pushing him to quit school, I said maybe if OP is really depressed due to med school then it isn't for him. where is quitting in there? Maybe he should evaluate if that is why he is depressed or go get a diagnosis.

my entire point is that memeing a disease which clearly many people here don't understand is kind of fucked up. people being stressed by med school =/= depression and carrying that attitude into being an actual doctor is not good IMO. but maybe I'm taking the disease too seriously and forgetting this is reddit and people just meme whatever

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