[Meme] I'm not your buddy, pal.

Dude I get what you’re trying to do by giving this guy a hard time but it’s kind of dumb. You are clearly using examples where you are in the wrong and then not taking responsibility for your own actions.

Speeding and DUI is what it is. It’s not that hard to not speed, set your cruise control and just ride. I have zero speeding tickets after 26 years of driving following this method.

It’s even easier to not drink and drive. Once you put yourself in the position to hand over your keys before you start drinking, it’s almost a habit at that point. You even think about it while you are drunk.

If that doesn’t work for, you can watch a few friends get scooped up off the roads with a shovel or a few innocent families bury their kids because your friend drove through the front door of a night club at 60 MPH.

Getting mad at cops for doing their jobs makes zero sense. Don’t give them a reason and you will never even speak to a cop.

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