Men are basically treated as an employee in relation to women, most of the time.

Look. Men literally line up on dating apps for women. I tried doing it once. I spent several hours grinding out swipes after swipes, crossing my fingers, hoping that a single one of these human beings that I see 3-4 pictures of and know jackshit about would actually be willing to give me a chance of catching her attention with a witty opener. Literally hundreds of thousands of guys willingly go through this. Can you imagine that? Why is that? Why did I try it and put myself through it? We have the drive for it, that's why. Never in a million years will women truly understand it. Ever.

Just imagine yourself doing the same. Spending hours and hours on an app putting in a shitton of effort into random men you see 2-3 pictures of even giving you a fucking chance. How fucking humiliating is that? On what kind of alien planet would women ever, EVER do such a thing?

And sure, nobody is obligated to use dating apps, my point is, men have the drive to do. Women don't. There is a significant difference in our attraction and how we see each other and IT FEELS REALLY FUCKING UNFAIR FROM BOTH SIDES. And also this will never in a million years change. AND we can't fully realte to each other, and that will also never change.

Have fun.

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