Men are faster and stronger than women. Equal in value, not in nature.

Contemporary feminism has never been for women’s rights. Woman already have equal protection under the law if not a greater social protection than men.

It is designed to reduce men’s autonomy from women under the guise of a presumed Marxist power struggle called “The Patriarchy.” Technological leaps (birth control for men) and social/legal changes (paternity testing, dissolution of alimony and child support) that advance the autonomy of men independent of women are going to be defamed and downplayed.

Many modern feminists today frequently express independence from men, which also suggests men can have independence from women. Contradictory to feminist arguments, they actually don’t want the latter, only the former.

As a silly instance, the recent introduction of Virtual Reality erotic live-streams has changed the pornography industry to occupy this niche market. This has enraged online sex workers, who are afraid the introduction of artificial cam girls will deny them the profits of their labor when, in my opinion, being a sex worker shouldn’t really be considered a “career,” more so a last resort.

Men’s independence from women has been expressed frequently through the men’s rights movements, which are very frequently defaced with the common flurry of left-wing slurs. Sexually, independence is shown through all the means by which men can achieve orgasm without actual sex, which deprives women of their “bargaining chip.” Call me sexist but I know this is true.

Women know they can control men through sex and validation, but men can also control women through sex and validation. Many take this and interpret it as a power conflict when it really should be a symbiosis.

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