Men, describe the best sex you've ever had. What made it amazing?

It was a cool autumn night at the fairgrounds. I had been chatting with a woman for several months online and finally decided on a time to meet for some quality time. We both had busy schedules with me finishing college and going on job interviews and her working her job. Living 5 hours apart didn't help things.

I had just driven about 6 hours one-way back from a job interview when I pulled into the fairground lot. My love was at a horse show all weekend and I promised I'd come see her. I pulled up to the area she'd told me to meet her and parked. Even at dusk I could see her sparkling eyes.

She got into my minivan and I was simply spellbound by the feeling that came over me. We shared a long passionate kiss that was only a hint of what was to unfold that night. I decided to park in a more secluded area and we both got into the middle seat.

With the radio on playing my favorite rock, setting an erotic mood we both began exploring the deep feelings inside us both. Kissing long and hard as we undressed each other our hands and bodies started to explore. I suckled on her hardening nipples just like a baby nursing while my fingers explored her sopping wetness. Touching her clit just so and massaging her g spot I saw her eyes roll back and her back arching, breathing heavy and ragged as she came hard for me.

With her seated I stood up, stroking my cock and inserted myself into her. Leaning in I began to stroke into her harder and faster.....then slower, to a stop. I stood up and took her place on the seat and had her straddle me. (I love love love this position for the ultimate intimacy!) I could feel our sweat mixing together as I held her close. Kissing deeply, lovingly, passionately........grabbing her ass with my hands, pulling myself deeper inside her I leaned back in the seat and braced myself for the most furious pumping of my life. I heard her exclaim, "My God I can feel it!" (Stroking her g spot and cervix she later explained.) I felt her body clenching me and I lost complete control. It was if my entire body and being was melting with hers the moments before I erupted inside her, almost like a volcano as she said she could feel me shooting my hot cum in her womb. I truly felt at one with her.

One of if not the best sexual experiences of my life. If our life circumstances would ever permit us to be together I would give my life to this woman.

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