Men, describe a time you asked for a date and got a "yes"

Apologies. Here are my stories!

I saw this girl during a cultural event. I wasn't really attracted to her physically, but she was obviously into me (based on the way she talked to me, leaned towards me when we talked etc). So anyway just for fun, I asked her out for dinner for weekend. She agreed. A couple more dates, she kissed me (I was shy and still learning, so she initiated first). Anyway, we got into a relationship for the next two months or so, but because I wasn't really attracted to her, I wanted to break it off and I told her so. She was acting all clingy and refused. One day, came to my flat and rang the bell like 20x. I didn't answer the door and blocked her from everything.

The lesson here : never go out with someone you're not attracted to. It will end badly.

Another story when I asked a girl out (the one I'm seeing right now). This time it's through online dating. Basically we met on okcupid, we chatted briefly then I sent her a message, "hey, want to go for coffee?". She said, yeah sure why not, then we exchanged numbers. I called her to confirm and we met on the same day itself (in the evening). I saw her from afar when she was waiting for me outside the train station where we agreed to meet. I approached this stranger and though, "hey she looks cute". Since I assumed she must be into me too to agree to meet me, a stranger she hadn't known before, I thought to break the touch barrier immediately, so I offered to hold her hand immediately. She took it. We then went for hot chocolate, walked around the park, went to bookshop etc. Just a casual date. Then I asked her again for a proper dinner the next weekend, and the rest just happened.

Anyway, those are my stories. Like I said above, I wouldn't have been able to pull all the stuff above like approaching girls, asking them out etc if I hadn't read the book I mentioned above and doing all its exercises / challenges, so I thought you might like it too. Good luck!

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