Men deserve the right to legally abort their parental and financial responsibility to their unborn children the same way women can do it physically.

If a mother is incapable of providing for the child financially:

These three suggestions seem really wrong to me. Say I'm a woman. I want a baby. I get pregnant. This whole time I assumed that me and my boyfriend were going to be partners here, both of us doing our share to support the baby.

But then he peaces out. You're telling me that he can then force me to lose that baby? Just because he doesn't want the responsibility? That seems horribly unjust.

And, for the record, I'm actually on the opposite end of this whole thing. I'm a single father who was left to raise my daughter solo when she was 3 months old. I generally come down on the side of fewer mother's rights, just because I got the shaft end of it. But even with that, I think you've gone too far with this one. You're basically allowing any man to term a woman's parental rights just because he didn't feel like stepping up to the plate.

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