Men hate it when women have high standards and don’t tolerate bs

I have a decent standard for men. It's not extremely high, but not below bare minimum low. I would say my standards are having similar morals and life views (religion, politics, kids, pro choice, animal welfare, no racism/bigotry etc., ambitious with a stable job who wants a moderately comfortable life whilst being able to travel and enjoy our hobbies without worrying about food and shelter and of course a feminist who helps around the house). Of course, a man told me "you just want to date yourself" (man who said that was religious, anti abortion and pretty sure he thinks feminism is women trying to emasculate men). Then my (woman)friend said my standards are too high and I shouldn't expect that my future boyfriend will split 50/50 the chores etc. (She is married to a man who has to be asked to take out the bin and that's his only household responsibility)

I don't care if I am forever single and won't find someone I like that meets my requirements. Genuinely living my best life single. I would like to have some companionship and closeness at some point, but I won't sacrifice this for anyone. I've already met and dated someone like this, so it's not impossible to find them. And at this point I feel like I am so jaded I don't even care if I never find anyone ever again, because I like my life the way it is. The only thing I dislike is how society literally makes it impossible (for most people who don't inherit) to be single and own a house (at least in my area a 3 room 70m² 30min train ride from city centre is €1.6 million). Not owning a house is still a sacrifice I'm willing to make to keep living my life by myself if the alternative is a mediocre less than man.

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