I'll just leave this here:

I copied this from a comment elsewhere:

Indian women can't be charged for cheating/adultery

Indian women can't be charged for rape

Indian women can't be arrested after 6pm

A woman can only be taken into custody in presence of a woman police officer

Only men can be charged for sexual harassment

Custody of a child of age 5 and below goes to the wife

If a boy under 16 years of age has consensual sex with a girl of his age, he's a rapist.

The father of the deceased doesn't inherit property, but the mother does.

Women are the parents' responsibility until they are married, while boys are parents' responsibility only until they are 18

Jobless ex-husbands should provide maintenance to his ex-wife

If a man has sex on the pretext of marriage and doesn't marry, it amounts to rape.

A wife can get your entire family arrested without proof by just claiming mental torture

Staring at a woman for 14 seconds can land you in jail

If the death of the woman is caused by burns or bodily injury within 7 years of marriage, the husband is the prime suspect

The minimum age for marriage for a boy is 21, but 18 for a girl

Only men can be charged for stalking

Any man monitoring or following women in social media is defined as stalking

The husband is legally responsible for the child even if DNA test proves that the child is not his

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