"Why do men keep putting me in the girlfriend-zone?"

What if they wanted to be friends with you but it just developed into something more over time.

Why put them in the worst light?

You must "seem" to be pretty nice at least to have these guys try to be friends then fall for you? Kudos to you for being such an adorable girl.

Also, if they fell for you they are hurting a lot after being shot down like that. It's not all about you. "Let's just be friends" feels like you heart has been ripped or if you fell for someone.

I get going silent on you too. It's a bit harsh on you, but the best for him/them right now.

It would hurt to watch the parade of idiotic horny guys that your "just friend" marches past you. Imagining them ploughing into the girl you love after a date wouldn't be soul crushing.

I hope you have the pleasure of this happening to you one day just for some perspective.

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