"Men Never Get Compliments!" - I wish they'd be honest about what they actually want

Trans woman angle. Before I transitioned, I didn't get complements from strange men or women. With men, it was probably homophobia. With women, a fear I'd get the wrong idea.

After transitioning awhile, I found myself initially taken aback by the occasional "I really like your top" from strange women. But after awhile, I got comfortable and appreciative the kind words. Now, I myself am a bit more comfortable telling a strange young woman in stat class that her bag is cute. And I meant it.

With men? Nah. I don't casually give strange guys complements in that way. I remember how testosterone used to obnoxiously insert sexual motivations and thoughts into those kinds of exchanges. And these boys not only tolerate it. They seem to downright LIKE it. (yikes) So telling a strange guy "Your shirt looks really nice" is a hornet's nest I tend to not want to poke.

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