Men do not understand the anatomical realities of extreme sex acts

I’m going to bet at least a few women out there are suffering lifelong physical symptoms after these acts, without even realizing it. Plenty of studies link acute and chronic pain to acts of sexual aggression in a woman’s youth, so technically one man’s act of sexual aggression can tear a hole in a developing uterine wall, placing the girl in chronic pain for the rest of her life with no accountability on his part. I imagine men should probably be made aware of this some day but at this rate they’d probably just try to legalize it and do it on purpose, huh?

In a perfect world these studies might have been enough to substantiate extreme acts of sexual aggression as a legitimate public health concern but it’s kind of starting to feel like even the American public is not at all genuinely concerned with women’s health - maybe just a few organs. (the brain not being one of them.)

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