Men on reddit be like

I treat it a bit like debate club. But, you gotta know when it's time to drop it and separate.

I find it good for forcing myself to think through and rationalising my own thoughts to think them through. I try to avoid things I'll know will be a dumpster fire though. Esp. things like changemyview, aita, etc.

Male and females alike don't like admitting their wrong. That's human nature, it makes us feel insecure. That's ok, but you also need to recognise that the other person may not realise that and then it's time to disengage and it's perfectly OK to disagree with someone. Especially if it's making you upset.

I use it as a sound board to bounce ideas against, and getting emotionally invested in it isn't healthy. You're acting like you're trying to convince another person, but are you really? It's like any other form of social media in that way. It's a hard skill to learn but makes you a better critical thinker.

A lot of arguments on here I find that there's a lot of misunderstandings over text so it does help to develop the skills in wording arguments by talking it through. That's super important because you can't translate ideas effectively with ineffective language. This goes for any area in life.

I'm female if any of this matters. Just my opinion.

Tl;dr Reddit is like any other social media, there's gonna be trolls and people that don't know how to effectively communicate. Don't get emotionally invested and know when you need a break. Don't feed the trolls.

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