Do you find that men or other women are generally more judgmental towards how you look?

I just find my own personal experience bizarre, so I'm curious to know about how others experience it.

I was always told that men are more judgmental about women's looks, so maybe my experience is an exception (then again, it feels like a lot of my experiences dont align with what i'm told women generally experience). Compliments are rare for me, but mostly split evenly between men and women But almost all the insults are from women. You're too fat, your hair is too short, you don't wear makeup, you're ugly, etc. I don't let it get to me, but it feels so weird when I'm told men are much meaner about it. The worst thing a guy ever told me was just "your looks arent my cup of tea". Also anecdotally, all the cattiest, "telling it like it is" type comments I get online are also from female users (or users pretending to be female I guess) who tell me how much I rate upon 10 and how much I dont compare to certain celebrities. I thought the insults would come from negging male creeps but nah. And these women seem to focus a lot on the fact that I don't usually wear makeup or have long hair? Maybe the men feel the same way, but they never seem to say it openly to me, and even if they do say it, they phrase it more politely?

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