Men in recovery from Ebola should wear condoms for at least 3 months, experts say

As a former catholic, raised in the "faith" with a priest from where I went to school convicted of molestation, finding out another priest I thought was a great person had defended molesters in the 80s-90s I have to say this. No matter what the Pope does, no matter how many people on the front page proclaim he is just awesome.. they are just evolving to the trend.

When the Catholic church could fear monger the masses without the trend heading towards agnosticism and atheism and knowledge. When they could just say "do this or go to hell" they did exactly that. The only reason the church is "changing" is because people have access to knowledge and the world as a whole and they're trying to save their asses.

It has been one of the most corrupt organizations for a long time, and it's enlightened priests practice sexual repression. Ask any psychologist what that does to a culture. This is a rant but I feel the Catholic church is one of the most evil organizations to have ever existed and every time I see reddit circle jerking over the pope saying some shit that is common sense it bothers me.

They raped reaching out to the poorest of poor and literally fucking them as if their lives weren't dire enough, they told countless abused wives that divorce was immoral, they endorse the belief that going to a "confessional booth" forgives someones for fucking anything like a get out of jail free pass, they told countless poor couples that using protection was wrong, and worst of all they perpetuated the ideology that suicide would send someone to hell. Now they backtrack, for money and power like it has always been.

After being forced to spend 18 years under that religion I have to say Fuck the Catholic church and the many self righteous pagans who populate it.

I don't know why this all came out it's been seven years but reading this just set me off, guess I harbor hatred.

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