Men of Reddit, have you ever fell in love with another girl while you were already in a relationship? If so, what is your story?

Not yet but I may or may not be in the early parts of this.

She's the definition of a 'good girl' and we have almost too much in common. I met her the other day, she's super beautiful and we had made small talk and I sacked up and ended up giving her my # saying we should hang out and she mentioned she really needs more friends in the area but she has a boyfriend that lives in another state.

She texted me soon after and despite saying I don't like trying to 'sell myself' via text, she wanted me to and we texted a rather fuckton since pretty consistently. At least compared to what I'm used to..

We were going to hang out that next night but I told her straight up that I don't want to waste her time or mine and that I found her to be "too much of a catch" and didn't think we could just be friends -- Thus it might make it a bit awkward -- and I'd totally understand if she'd rather not meet up. (I kind of insisted on the fact that we shouldn't meet up for that reason - I'm a very straightforward person..)

So we didn't meet up that night. But the next day she says something like "she thought about it and she still wants to hang out" and asked me what my plans were for the 4th and if I'm doing anything fun.

Long story short we have very solid plans to hang out on Tuesday and watch fireworks and some other fun things I have in mind :) Gonna be a great time. I have her on facebook, she's posted a thing or two that have really hinted towards me insinuating that she may be feeling the same way.

She also told me today how she has been super stressed out and I won't get in to more specifics, but some rather personal stuff. I said I wished her the best in getting over whatever it might be because life is too short to take anything to heart. She replied saying something like "her heart is already broken" or something along the lines of a broken heart, *and that her mom and some family in another city apparently insisted that she should go meet me and I might "help her"/"have an answer".

Well shit this turned in to a wall of text. Sorry. Like I said she's a true "good girl" and she/her family is a bit religious -- christian -- (dont know how much but we shall see I guess) -- which I guess is why she has talked to her family about me already. To be clear: I don't find it a bad thing at all but it just depends how Christian and particularly her views on sex before marriage. If I even have the chance for a relationship that is. But she's stunning and seems like such the catch and would be good for me despite not being a religious person myself.

Crossing my fingers gents. We shall see.

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