Men of Reddit, how would you react if a girl send you an unwanted picture of her vagina?

I'd probably react the exact opposite of the way a woman does when she sees a dick pic unless it's a repulsive vagina.

I'd be flattered that someone was thinking of me enough sexually to do that based on the attractiveness of the person.

I'd consider having sex with that person based on the attractiveness of said vagina and her overall looks. (guys have a preference to shapes of the labia, the same way some women have a thing for big dicks).

Like on the BMS dick pic episode my mind would be:

"how much did you think about her sexually before the pic."

"not at all"

"well how long after the pic ?"

"I havent stopped thinking about it since

all of this based on the attractiveness level of the person. I definitely wouldnt be in love but if i was in the right mood I'd be flattered.

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