Men of Reddit, what have you always wanted in the bedroom but have been too afraid to ask for it?

My gf hadn't been a sub to any man before me. She wouldn't even divulge the interest to them for their assessment. She thought she was abnormal and damaged. She didn't necessarily come out and tell me either. I just fed her the dick and made her come without her forcing herself to, and she shared the info with me curled up in my arms after the second or third time we fucked. It was like she was my sub anyway, I just kind of treated her like it during sex. So she felt comfortable telling me about it.

I objectify my gf every day, in and out of the bedroom and she loves being my little booty here for my pleasure (most times unless something's up and she needs emotional support). I pull her hair in and out of bed. Sometimes I'll just walk up, one hand full of ass & one hand with a fist full of hair and stick my tongue down her throat and we both move on with our day. Same with choking, I often just give her a little choke and move on with no more than a kiss. In bed, she often is on the brink of passing out when I fill her pussy up with hot cum. And she loves it. She also later came to me and told me she wants to be slapped across the face during sex.

Idk how your man is, but if the dude feeds you the pipe and you're generally satisfied and he can make you cum on his own? I'm almost certain he'd jump on the chance to have you be his sub. It is gradual, so don't think it'll happen after one conversation and change forever. You'll need to love, trust, and communicate with each other and test all kinds of waters. I believe D/s relationships never stop growing, or maturing. They infinitely get better with time (granted the other aspects of your relationship are healthy as well.)

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