Men of Reddit, what have you always wanted in the bedroom but have been too afraid to ask for it?

To be completely honest with you I think you should talk with him seriously about it and express your deep desire for it. You shouldn't live your entire life out as a sub who doesn't get the treatment she needs. Me and my SO both have spoken about how it makes us feel so powerful, and have such a deep connection. We are very happy and attribute it mostly to our sex life. It is very fulfilling.

We have a very strong bond between us. We use our sex life to repair bridges where we burnt them. It isn't at all like staying together FOR the sex, it is using the sex as a foundation of love and trust to stand on and one place where we truly meet our real selves no matter what. I believe we will be together forever and that we can always repair what we've broke. We both truly feel that the only irreparable bridge is infidelity, and we both have absolutely no fear of that because our sex life is good and so involving. We know there isn't another partner who can satisfy us the way we do, so why risk it at all? We come to each other and make things right. Every time.

Anyway, idk about the other people in this thread and their fantasies... I'm sure this advice can apply. But yours I know for a fact can be something great beyond what you currently know.

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