Men of Reddit, what creepy things have women done to you?

This was back in high school. This girl stole my number from a friend's phone. Texts me and within two hours asks me if I like her. I had never met her and only talked to her for maybe an hour or two and so I said no. She immediately starts flipping out. I stop responding, she sends me a full nude picture of herself a few hours later and asks me if I like her now. I block her number and think it's over. Next day I am in class talking to female friend and look over at the door and see that girl staring at me in the window, she immediately leaves when I see her and a few hours later I get a text from a new phone number telling me how much of an asshole I was for talking to another girl and how she hopes I get my neck broken in my next wrestling match. Blocked the new number and luckily never heard from her again but did see her a few times around school. Apparently she had done the same thing to a few other guys on different sports teams in my highschool. Some poor guy fell for it and got her pregnant a few months after I blocked her number.

Tl;dr: girl in my highschool stole my number freaked out after I told her I didn't have feelings for her after talking to her for an hour and then stalks me around my highschool until she sees me talking to another girl and then freaks out on me and tells me she hopes that I die.

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