Men of Reddit, what creepy things have women done to you?

i was 15, new at church, one of the grills sent out a message that she thought i was attractive, she was a good 8 nice looking, so i said yes right away. Turnsout shes one of those church grills that ends up being freaky, and at the church parking lot she kisses 15yr old me and starts to dry hump me, this is too damn much for me so i tell her its over and she begins to send me so many love songs and threatning that if i break up with her shes moving to mexico, i didnt care she was wierd and i was at church only to learn about Jesus. Then this bitch tells my family and her family that i wouldnt love her, since my family could care less.... THIS BITCH MOVED TO MEXICO, she came back like 6 yrs ago and now has like 4 kids diffrent daddy each. Her myspace profile still has a pic,of us from out 2 day relationship.

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