Men of Reddit, what creepy things have women done to you?

I was molested by a woman when I was like 6 or 7. Various aspects of what went on, what she was wearing and where we were still affect me to this day. Not to go into to much detail, but she licked my ear, and I can't sleep without something covering my ears. Some other shit sticks with me.

I've not had good luck with women... One drug me by my hair up a flight of stairs for not eating a bowl full of cold green beans from a can, and one forced me to use my right hand to write/eat with because the left hand was for the devil (I should be left handed).

I legit thought it would be easier to be gay sometimes... Women make me uncomfortable, I generally don't like interacting with them. It's not like I'm afraid that something is going to happen again, but it's like all the interactions I've had with women after that shit happened have been awkward, it's kind of build up, so now I just feel like I want to get the interaction over with ASAP.

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