Men of Reddit, what is the event that crushed you on the inside and that couldn’t admit it did to people around you?

One day all I got hit by 2 kids, the big one was in my back getting my arms and the other was just punching me, after that I hit the big guy because the other ran away too fast, the little bitch started crying and I went to a part of the playground where I could rest and try not to cry, it didn't hurt that much, but while I was down and trying to talk to my friends every single girl in my class came to me and started calling me names for "assaulting" the big guy. I cried and felt so betrayed, I had a friendly relation with many of them and considered a few my friends, yet they jumped into conclusions so fast and made me feel like trash because that trash was crying no questions no nothing, just pure hate from people I loved (as friends), the worst part is when I told the story and the guys confessed they never even apologized.

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